Investment calculator

Skanveir magnetic lifters offer fast and safe lifting and thus will increase productivity and efficiency.

Liftings / hour Liftings / week Liftings / month Liftings / year
5 200 840 10080
  Traditional Skanveir
Spent time per lifting, including setting time
Requires typically 2 persons.
Can be done alone.
Lifting time / year 840 h 15 h
Lifting cost / year 25200 510
Saved: 24696 h
Saved: 24696

Money to lose/year:

Investment payback:

Also consider the following important factors that cannot be assessed with money:

Increased occupational safety

Reliable Skanveir hoists increase occupational safety and job satisfaction. The skilled workforce stays in the house longer and its turnover decreases.

Increased efficiency

Our lifting solutions make metal handling as efficient and safe as possible. Our customer's work processes become more efficient and occupational safety at the place of use increases.

Increased crane capacity

By using magnetic or vacuum lifter crane, capacity is increased and crane as a bottle neck in production is removed.

Reduced need for labor

Skanveir vacuum and magnetic hoists guarantee efficient, safe and secure lifting. The load is controlled lightly and in a controlled way by a radio controller operated by one person.

Decreased product damage

When lifting without damaging the product, losses remain small, product quality high and customer complaints low.